World One Car Gallery

Welcome to the World One Performance Gallery. Each of the cars you see below were either employee or customer cars that we’ve proudly built and/or played a large role in supplying parts or giving expert advice from 2002 to present. These serve as examples of the types of builds we can and have done here at World One, ranging from daily drivers to full on show cars and race cars. All descriptions written by Armin H. Ausejo. Enjoy!

Dark Reign

Erich's simple and clean 04 WRX car show champion

10 Photos

Boost Brother

Eric's 641whp Monster

25 Photos

Teh Fastarrrrrrrrrr

423 whp SRT-4!

3 Photos

Dracula's Wagon

Johann's Bad Wagon

5 Photos

Attack of the Elements

Unlimited Class Time Attack Warrior

5 Photos

Keanie in a Bottle

The Ultimate Saabaru!

5 Photos

The DJ Wagon

Stage 4 Daily Driven Wagon Goodness

5 Photos

Bailey Boi Wonder

The Quintessential 06 STI

5 Photos

Accept No Substitutes

Full-on 2005 STI track car

5 Photos

The World Rally Blue Menace

Donn's 2004 Do-Luck WRX

5 Photos

Red Domination

Local Subaru veteran Erik's Stage 4 WRX into RS swap

5 Photos

Bugeye for Life

Armin's very own 2002 Do-Luck WRX

5 Photos

Rally Monster

Jonathan's naturally-aspirated rally car!

4 Photos

Legacy of Greatness

Vince's Legacy GT wagon, perhaps the perfect daily driver

4 Photos

9.73 @ 149.85 mph

Wayde's drag strip dominating Honda CRX

5 Photos

Stephanie's controversial 2005 STI

5 Photos

American Touge Monster

Joey's stupid fast 2004 STI

5 Photos

H to the Izzo, V to the Izzay

Hova's timeless bugeye masterpiece

5 Photos

The Seattle Skyline

World One's Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R

5 Photos

The New Bat Car

Ivan's dominating 2004 Chargespeed STI show car

5 Photos

World One's STI, making over 400 whp back in 2004

5 Photos

The Bat Car

Ivan's dominating 2002 Zero/Sports WRX show car

5 Photos

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